Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Danube Cycling: D-2


Yesterday, with Bob Stasey's help, I broke down and packed up the tandem in its box.

The process went much smoother than last go round (maybe Bob's help, or maybe I'm just getting it).  There is a lot of stuff to pack for a bike trip!

Jeri and I are trying to cram for our German orals starting on Friday.  We are hoping that Iwona and Lothar (Phillip's parents) will be patient with our attempts at butchering die Deutsch Sprache.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Africa 2017- Day 28

Day 28- Begin the trip home

Africa 2017-Day 27

Day 27- Rhino Camp

This morning the trackers spotted lions before they found any rhino, so off we went, like a bat out of hell to find the lions.  

Herunga quickly found them and positioned our vehicle for best sun exposure and in a location where we would least likely get eaten.  There were two females and a young male.  They were lounging under a euphorbia when we got there, but soon stood up into the light and headed down the hill .  One of the females was pretty thin, and could probably have used a good meal.  Luckily, even all together, Herunga, Jeri and I didn’t look worth the effort.

Next we heard the trackers on the radio having spotted a couple of rhinos.  By 8am, we saw both desert lions and Rhinos.  We could relax the rest of the day.

After our early morning Rhino sighting we spent the rest of the day roaming around Zone 2 with the trackers in a failed attempt to find a female rhino with a calf. 

Mid-day, we joined the trackers for lunch out in the bush

Followed by continued searching.  Though we failed to find more rhinos, we did see some beautiful terrain, 

Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, 

Scattology 101
and hundreds o springboks.  We learned how springboks got their name.

As the sun began to sink, the landscapes became ethereal and even more beautiful.

  Finally, after watching the sun set, we turned back to the camp, a solid 12 hour day.

After dinner, Herunga and I spent about an hour photographing the phenomenal African night sky.  I think that the sky is what Jeri and I will miss most when we have to leave tomorrow.